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Healthier Tuna Salad
( 4.5 ) by ( 2 users )

1 can chunk lite tuna in water 
1/4  cup low fat sour cream or yogurt
2  tablespoons thinly diced pickles
1 teaspoon sugar 
2  hard-boiled eggs 
1  cup macaroni (optional) 
salt and peppper

1.Boil 2 eggs. Let cool
2.Drain water from tuna can.
3.Mix tuna, sour cream, sugar,salt,pepper and pickles in a small bowl.
4.Remove shells from the eggs. Mix egg yolks into the salad.
Cut egg whites into small pieces. Add egg whites into salad.
You can omit the yolk, to eliminate the fat.
5.To serve as a salad, add macaroni.

*This also makes a good sandwich filling, prepared without macaroni of course.