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Grilled BBQ Baked Pineapple

1  fresh pineapple 
1/4  cup maple syrup 
2  tablespoons butter 
 whipped cream or ice cream 

1.Cut off crown from pineapple and discard.
2.Without peeling, cut pineapple lengthwise into 6 wedges. Remove core from each piece.
3.serrated knife, loosen pineapple from outer rind, cut fruit almost through crosswise into wedges but do not remove rind.
3.Place each wedge on 12 inch square double sheet of foil.
4.Drizzle with maple syrup and dot with butter.
5.Fold up foil, sealing loosely to leave room for steam.
6.Cover and bake on grill over medium hot coals or on medium setting for 30 to 40 minutes or until very hot and bubbly. Serve hot, topped with whipped cream or ice cream