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Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast By: SuperDishMan
- Two boneless chicken breasts - one egg - Two beef or other type of cold cuts - Two havarti or swiss cheese slices - 4 and a 1/2 tbsp of bread crumbs - 3 tbsp of flour
- Wash the two boneless chicken breasts with water, then a flat wooden handle is needed to hit them a few times to make them thinner and about 25% wider on the sides - Prepare 3 plates. One contains some flour, one contains on egg, one contains some Italian bread crumbs. Each chicken breast is dipped in flour, then the egg, and finally the bread crumbs. A piece of havarti cheese is inserted in the chicken breast with a smoked beef cold cut on top of it and the chicken is then rolled. Swiss cheese can also be used or any other cold cut type - Place in a 300F oven for 35 - 45 mins. Let sit to cool and cut and serve Enjoy :)