About Us

DinaCantina pioneered in introducing cupcakes in Egypt and customized cakes, it was first established in 2004 by Dina and her husband Ashraf and started this as a hobby.

Dina made everything with passion & love. She sat with every customer to try to portray the love they had for something or someone and try to customize it for them. DinaCantina bakes each product as if they are doing it for their own loved ones.

The project started expanding quickly and exponentially; Dina and her husband did not want to expand nor did they like the idea of a “business”, when things got out of hand she put the project on hold and went to Canada.

This is where Ayman, Dina’s brother-in-law, stepped in to save the business and brought it back to life. So for two years now Ayman has been trying to expand as much as he can and let people know that Dina Cantina is the pioneer in its field and continue the legacy.